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Expert Advice on the Risks of Towel Drying Your Face Revealed

Learn the causes of skin damage caused by using towels and effective skin care techniques.

In New Delhi: Many different routines and techniques are used by individuals when it comes to skincare. However, a skincare specialist cautions that certain skincare practices might be harmful. According to the expert, one of the most important behaviours to abstain from is using a towel to dry your face or pop spots.

Why Drying Your Face with a Towel Is Problematic?

The presence of microorganisms, according to specialists, makes using a towel to dry your face a mistake. Surprisingly, the research found that 90% of toilet towels contain E. coli and coliform germs. While coliform bacteria may make people sick, E. coli can have very serious effects, even be lethal.

These dangerous germs are readily absorbed by the skin, causing infections and pimples. Additionally, the rough texture of certain towels may injure the skin, and prolonged rubbing can result in micro-tears that can harm the skin permanently.

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What Skin Damage Can Towels Cause?

Towels are naturally drying, which may take away the natural oils from the skin and cause dryness. Experts advise using facial cloths or gently rubbing the face dry with microfiber towels to guarantee safe use. The face should ideally be left to naturally dry without the use of cloths.

How to Treat Skin Spots

Never-pop spots are the ideal course of action. The best course of action, if you have oily skin and are prone to spots, is to either leave them alone or adopt a skincare regimen that stops their development. Squeezing areas worsens infections because it spreads germs from the face to the hands and nails, which is counterproductive.

Squeezing areas may harm the surrounding skin and result in scars and inflammation. A larger breakout might follow from it spreading to neighbouring pores. Utilizing cooling goods or applying aloe vera gel might assist maintain control of the problem.

In conclusion, it is important to be aware of any dangers connected to towel-drying your face. You may support the maintenance of a healthy and beautiful complexion by choosing alternate drying techniques and implementing suitable skincare routines.